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Garden Care

  • Spring cleanup could include removing leaves and dead material, weeding, pruning, cultivating, edging, spreading mulch and planting. The time required depends on the size of your gardens but a typical residential cleanup takes at least 3 hours. As an additional option, we can provide advice, purchase plants and install them for you.

  • Fall cleanup could include cutting back and/or dividing perennials, pruning, mulching to protect tender plants over winter, leaf cleanup and bagging. The time required would depend on the size of your yard and trees - and your neighbours' trees!

  • Regular visits for weeding, deadheading, pruning, cultivating, lawn care. Once the initial cleanup is done, regular attention helps keep your garden looking in top shape.

  • One-time cleanups for special events, while you’re away, or to help refresh the garden. Have the weeds got away from you? Heading out of town? We can spruce up your landscape for an event or make sure the weeds don't take over while you're away.


         We always bring our own tools and clean up when we're done.

Contact us for a free estimate.

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