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Garden Renewal

  • Transform overgrown, tired, or high maintenance gardens. We will assess your garden with you and determine what needs to be done. This can include pruning back or removing shrubs, dividing or replacing overgrown plants, removing weeds and invasive plants, edging gardens and spreading mulch. We can supply and plant low-maintenance, drought-tolerant shrubs and plants.

  • Make changes to attract pollinators – birds, bees, and butterflies. There are numerous eye-catching native plants that add beauty to your garden and attract beneficial wildlife. We can create a butterfly sanctuary in a corner of your garden, tuck pollinator-friendly plants in amongst your favourites, or help you become certified as a wildlife garden.

  • Build a rain garden that uses the runoff from your roof or patio and incorporates features such as rain barrels and rain chains, dry creek beds, infiltration galleries, permeable pavers and native plantings.


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